Privacy Policy

A LA VIE EN FRANCE rrespects the privacy of all holders of personal data, and is therefore committed to taking all possible measures to reasonably ensure the protection, maintenance of privacy, integrity, availability and confidentiality of personal data processed in our environment. All information is treated in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD). Technical and organizational procedures are in place to prevent, detect and reduce the vulnerability of incidents with your information and that of other data subjects. 

(a) A LA VIE EN FRANCE  may use different ways to collect personal data, such as: (i) when they are provided by completing the contact form on the website www.lavieenfrance-france.fr ; (ii) when they are provided through contact on social networks or other communication channels and; (iv) when used in contracting the services of LA VIE EN FRANCE

(b) To register in our subscriber database (students) and later create an access account on the website www.lavieenfrance-france.fr, the following data must be informed: (i) full name; (ii) CPF and/or passport number and/or titre de séjour; (iii) postal code, address, number, complement, city, country and nationality; (iv) profession; (v) gender and marital status; (vi) date of birth; (vii) landline or cell phone and; (viii) personal email;

(c) Information collected from subscribers (students) and other data subjects includes, among others: (i) user access browser; (ii) Internet Protocol (IP) address; (iii) mobile device model and operating system; (iv) user connection provider; (v) date and time of access; (vi) user location and; (vii) user actions on the website www.lavieenfrance-france.fr;

(d) It is clarified and understood that the LA VIE EN FRANCE may use personal information for the following purposes: (i) creating access credentials for courses and e-commerce through the website www.lavieenfrance-france.fr ; (ii) issuance of an invoice/invoice, referring to the services provided; (iii) documents and personal information for the fulfillment of the service provision contract; (iv) compliance with a legal obligation; (v) sending communications and satisfaction surveys; (vi) disclosure purposes; (vii) provide fraud prevention and security guarantees to cardholders; (viii) safeguarding legitimate interests and; (viii) resolve any type of doubts arising from the contact form on the website, social networks or other communication channels;

(e) A  LA VIE EN FRANCE  will keep the personal information collected for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information is processed or for other valid reasons to retain your personal information. If you or the other holders wish to consult or change their respective personal data that are processed in our environment, the interested party may contact us by email:  contact@lavieenfrance-france.fr;

(f) Observing the criteria defined in this Policy, it is clarified and understood that the  LA VIE EN FRANCE will not disclose your personal data and those of other holders. THE  LA VIE EN FRANCE handles personal information in French national territory and in countries that have similar and equivalent legislation. In addition, it maintains specific clauses to ensure correct treatment, in line with French laws and regulations;

(g) A LA VIE EN FRANCE is not responsible for the misuse or loss of personal data collected by third party websites, which LA VIE EN FRANCE  has no access or control. We are also exempt from liability in the face of illegal and unauthorized use of this information as a result of misuse or misuse of your access credentials, negligent or malicious conduct as a result of highs or omissions on your part or someone authorized on your behalf.